4 Corners Community School was established to create a safe space for our children and ourselves to learn, advance and socialize with others.

Community Support is EVERYTHING!

Introducing the 4-Corners Community Card


*Interested in supporting the community school?

Easy To Get Started

100% FREE to participate

Option 1

Become A Business Partner

How It Works ➤

We have created a unique combination of discounts and a proven activation plan to stimulate and support the 4 Corners Community School, and we need community business partners!

What We Need From You

  • Create 2-3 offers for the community card
  • Offer details are up to you, but we ask that you offer the best deal you can.
  • Example - 10% off one item; buy one get on free; free soda with purchase
  • 100% FREE to participate

Option 2

Become A Community Partner

How It Works ➤

We are always in need of time and resources! The way this school thrives is through community involvement. Would you be willing to teach something to the members? Would you be willing to be a community partner?

How You Can Get Involved

  • Come on out and teach a class! Please reach out, we would love to learn. We are located in Melrose, FL.
  • Support by coming to our annual fundraiser on September 3rd, 2021 at Mossman Hall - First Friday Art Walk

Our Goal For the Community Card

We are ready to expand!

Current Costs 2020/2021 ➤

  • Current: $12,400 ($1,040/mo)
  • Rent: $1,200 ($100/mo)
  • Class Helper Salary: $3,000 ($250/mo)
  • Administrator Childcare: $7,700 ($650/mo)
  • Snacks: $500 ($40/mo)

Projected Costs 2021/2022

  • Projected: $42,340 ($3,528.33/mo)
  • Rent: $1,200 ($100/mo)
  • Teacher Fund: $20,000 ($1,700/mo)
  • Administrative Costs: $15,400 ($1,300/mo)
  • Software Costs; $1,149 ($95/mo)
  • Educational Field Trips: $1,100 ($100/mo)
  • Supplies: $1,500 ($125/mo)
  • Snacks: $2,000 ($160/mo)

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